About Me

My name is Damon Dickinson, I’m 44, and my greatest pleasure and mission in life is to help others enjoy the freedom from mental and emotional stress.

But 28 years ago, when I was 17, this certainly wasn’t the case, and I was far from a good example. Here’s what the habitual sound track in my mind sounded like back then:

“Why am I sooo unhappy? Why am I so dissatisfied and ungrateful with my life, since I have what I need and should be grateful? Why am I always restless, discontent and irritable? I’m sick of mine and the world chaos around me, all the way to my stomach—and the drugs and alcohol no longer hide the pain. Rehab might not even work. Figures, there’s my inner critic, never satisfied, always here to remind me of my uselessness. Maybe I should cave in to Mom and Dad’s wishes and use Prozac, it seems to help them stay out of depression, but at what cost? Is this all there is to life? Why am I here? What’s should my purpose be since I’m so miserable and frustrated now?”

28 years ago these sorts of thought cycles repeatedly deteriorated into a vicious spiral downwards. I would agree with my inner critic over and over and drown myself in drugs and alcohol just to stop the noise—to the point where I needed rehab. Nothing satisfied. Just self hate, depression, anxiety—the spectrum of self-cruelty. And, it would happen repeatedly.

But there’s good news.

Even though YOUR personal struggle and what’s causing you mental and emotional stress may be much different than my experience, I found a solution that I’m confident will work for you, too!

And, after 26 years of my own soul searching, personal growth, spiritual study and practice, I have discovered the simplest and easiest meditation solution to help people shift from “freak out” mode to deep, peaceful and sustained joy, and I’m here to share it with you so you don’t have to go through the arduous path I did…

Here’s an audio interview of how I came to teach meditation for Beginners: