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Are you stressed out, unhappy and downright depressed? Feeling overwhelmed with life? Feel like something is still missing in your life? Not sure how to get started meditating?

“Finding Your Center

5 Steps to Restore Your Bliss When ‘Life’ is Stressing You Out!”

I will share 5 little known secrets to the easiest, most enjoyable and effective meditation on the planet, and will have you feeling noticeably lighter and happier in 5 minutes or less.

I will also show you how to easily shift worry, anger or fear into peace, love and joy in mere seconds anytime, anywhere.


I went from a suicidal teenage drug addict, to a healthy and happy husband father and teacher.

I have struggled with nearly every major vice know to man; drugs, cigarettes, sugar, caffeine, sex, work, money, debt, depression, anxiety, et al.

From my 25 year quest of spiritual research, study and practice I have discovered many essential truths about meditation.

Heart Science;

“Science of the Heart” Heart Math Institute


Testimonials: Sarah, Trey, Lisa, Anton, Eric, Ocean, Caitlin, Alison, David Mollet, Dan, Sharon Livingston, Sandy, Other Open Heart Students.



USP: Heart centered, instead of mind or technology based.

This will be a live, eight week interactive course. Where you can ask questions and share your unique challenges along the way.

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  2. WEEK 2
  3. WEEK 3
  4. WEEK 4
  5. WEEK 5
  6. WEEK 6
  7. WEEK 7
  8. WEEK 8


  1. Irman’s Book-PRINTED…rights to electronic version?
  2. Open Heart Prayer Recording
  3. Credit towards in person workshop

CALL TO ACTION: For the first 10 who register, a complimentary one on one meditation guidance session with me. A $150 value!

For the first 25 who register you can bring your significant other (spouse, child, relative) to the trainings!